Our Story

I (Jeremy) love what I do. Each morning I head to my shop, open the door, flip on the light and arrange the day in my mind. Every single day is different and I always look forward to the projects that await. The transformation process never ceases to amaze me.

But, it wasn’t a snap decision to start this custom powder coating business. This was only supposed to be a fun hobby. It’s turned into so much more.

It all started when I heard approved powder coating vendors were getting hard to find for my employer, Duncan Aviation. My wife, Carissa, and I looked into the opportunity to start powder coating for them, jumped through a little red tape, and we were off and running.

Listening to and enjoying our interactions with our customers has always been a priority.

What We Learned From Our Customers

Our customers wanted a hands-on personal experience with their projects, big and small. They wanted an alternative to what they found at the big industrial powder coaters in Lincoln. They allowed us to see that there’s much more to powder coating than just putting color on a metal part.

It’s about service. Custom colors. Custom masking. Custom graphics.

They wanted the full custom powder coating experience. We have found that we don’t want to do it any other way. We want our customers to not only be absolutely satisfied with our work, but also to feel like we have taken an interest in their project and desired to help them get it “just right”.

We strive for feedback like this from Randy:

“I’ve never seen powder coating as smooth.”

It’s about getting the gloss black to have a truly mirror finish and offering customizations almost beyond imagining. And orange peel in the paint? It doesn’t have to be there.

Mirror Black Powder Coating

Our Process

Powder Coating Lincoln, NE

Our goal is to turn out unsurpassed quality powder coated products. Everything we do centers around that goal.

We encourage you to call to set up an appointment before you stop in, especially if you have a large batch of parts or want to discuss possible customizations to your order.

Together, we’ll draw up an estimate that includes a detailed description of the parts, prep work involved, color(s) of the application, and price of the powder coating process.

After we receive your parts, they will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected for defects. We’ll then remove the existing paint or powder coating. Don’t worry, you’ll be notified if defects require additional prep work before the powder coating process continues.

The next step is to actually apply the powder. Refer to our FAQ page for additional information on the powder coating process.

After the powder application, all parts are cured using calibrated instruments in accordance with the powder manufacturer’s specifications. Once cooled, the parts are inspected to ensure conformance with our strict quality control standards. Parts are then wrapped to ensure they are not damaged prior to their delivery to you.

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