Services – Media Blasting

Media BlastingMedia blasting allows us to Coating-Removal-Leftremove surface contaminants and rust and also etch the metal surface by propelling particles at high velocity toward the part. This ensures that the powder adheres strongly to the part and greatly decreases the likelihood of chipping and cracking.

We typically use aluminum oxide as our blasting media as it lasts longer and generates less dust than traditional sandblasting media.

Media blasting is generally included in our price estimates as proper preparation is key for our consistent high-quality finishes.

Wanting to Blast Your Own Parts?Blasted-Wheel-Vignette

If you plan on blasting your parts before bringing them to us, please clean any oil or grease off before you blast them. Oil and grease can become embedded into the surface, which will cause adhesion problems when we powder coat it.

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